Spectre Tech


Founded: 2200 by Grant Dierks(deceased)

Owner(s): Sylvia Dierks-Cloak and Ian Cloak.

Headquarters location: A small man-made island off the coast of Alaska.

Number of employees: Estimated to be around 500-600. Exact numbers unknown.

Area of expertise: Stealth Technology.

Notable Products:

  1. Anti-Lidar/ladar Armor Coating,
  2. SR-17 mini-jet propulsion system,
  3. Light Deflection Personal Cloaking Unit (Mk. 15)
  4. Transformation Disruptor


Spectre tech was founded by Grant Dierks initially to perform research using lasers to locate mineral deposits. However Dierks shifted his focus from minerals to military stealth technology after his research lab was raided by mavericks. They ruined his original lab while searching for a rare mineral he had been rumoured to have kept.

After his company was restructured, Dierks began to hire more researchers specializing in lasers and acoustics. He also hired many various engineers. His first product he developed was the first version of Anti-Lidar/ladar Armor Coating. Primitive in nature at the time, it allowed aircraft to be unable to be as easily detected by laster targeting. This was a great success and won him numerous contracts.

At this point he began to build his own island headquarters for privacy during research (and to make it harder for mavericks to sneak in). Unfortunately he died of heart failure before his island was completed. Though his daughter took over and completed his work. She later married. Her husband took over managing the company finances while she handled R&D.

Behind the Scenes

The SR-17 mini-jet propulsion is named after the SR-71 Blackbird.