Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Leviathan
Nicknames: General of Dark Oceans
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 150lbs

Normal Appearance

Like her siblings, her armour is based on that of his biological origin, X, with thematic alterations. Leviathan, being the only female, is the most radically different visually, her armour altered to fit her feminine frame. Her armour is coloured blue, symbolizing her alignment with water and ice. Her name is derived from that of the biblical sea monster, Leviathan, and typically refers to any gargantuan sea creature. Her helmet frames her face in such a manner as to resemble hair, with the sides forming 'bangs' and a seashell motif forming the 'fringe'. The back is mounted with a long dorsal fin-like jet, which she uses to propel herself through bodies of water. She wields a harpoon-like weapon, the size of which she can alter, and she uses it to create ice and fire torpedoes.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 12 in water, 8 on land
Strength: 7
Defense: 10
Dexterity: 11
Skill Level: 8
Skill Limit: 3
Constitution: 11

Weapons/Special Attacks


Frost Spear - B

Special Attacks:

  1. Torpedo Barrage - Fires torpedos from the tip of her spear.
  2. Ice Manipulation - Fires ice from her spear in the form of dragons, or any other manifestation she chooses.
  3. Ice Shield - Leviathan rapidly spins her weapon in front of her, cooling the water, or air to a point where ice forms and blocks some attacks.



History: Created late in the elf wars using one of X's armors and imbued with the powers of several water and ice mavericks.She was created to back up the navy but like Fefnir, didn't see much activity during the Maverick Wars and was sealed away until the end of the Elf Wars. Since then she's worked hard to assist X to the best of her ability.

Having been betrayed by Copy X, she has begun collaborating with the Resistance until he reunites with his master, X.

Friends: Harpuia, X

Rivals: Jet, Zero, Elpizo

Enemies: Copy X

Behind the Character