—————————————Name: Panter Flauclaws Nicknames: Black Leopard of Thunder Species: Reploid Gender: Male

Height: Hard to tell since he's always hunched over. About 6 feet tall. Weight: 230 lbs Physical Appearance: Based off of the panther, Panter is a large black reploid with claws on his feet and hands. Skin Color: Black Eye Color: Red

Agility - 12 Strength – 6 Defense – 5 Dexterity – 9 Constitution - 8 Skill limit- 4 Skill level – 6

Main Weapon: Energy Claws Hobbies & Talents: Sneaking. Weaknesses: Ice

Friends: Aztec Falcon (deceased) Rivals: Harpuia (former master) Enemies: Resistance Scrap, Hanumachine Known relatives: Chetor Hax (brother) Favorite color(s): Black, Green Backstory: Created by Neo Arcadia as a guardian of the peace, was assigned to Harpuia's unit until very recently. Now Pantur is confused, everything that he fought for seems to have turned. No longer caring if he lives or dies, Pantur went AWOL from Neo Arcadia to search out his former master for answers… and hopefully an honorable death.

Moves/abilities: Spark Throw - Gathers orbs of electrical power in his hands and hurls them.

Energy Discharge - Bursts of electricity emanate from his body, he can direct the blasts, clumping them together like a shotgun round made of electricity.

Energy Claw - Shoots short ranged blasts of energy from his claws which quickly return to him.

Spark Tail - Panter touches his tail to the car and electrifies it for a short time. Doesn't apply to the other cars on the train, but everything on that one car will be hit.

Weapon level: Energy Claws - C