Name: Phoenix Magnion Nicknames: Fire Bird of Illusion Species: Reploid Gender: Male

Height: 6'3 Weight: Unknown, feels surprisingly light though. Physical Appearance: This reploid is based off of a phoenix. The most noticeable feature is the wings, which are enormous in compression to the rest of his body. These wings also take the place of arms, which Magnion lacks. The rest of the body could be humanoid, save for the legs which are bird shaped as well. The hooks on the feet are well suited for grabbing prey. Skin Color: Golden body, red wings and tails. Eye Color: Red

Agility - 11 Strength – 3 Defense – 6 Dexterity – 11 Constitution - 7 Skill limit- 6 Skill level – 9

Skills 1. Master of Illusion - Phoenix Magnion can create up to three images of himself to confuse enemies while he attacks. 2. Heat Warp - Primarily used to get out of the way of attacks and to put Phoenix in the position to counterattack, this is the move that Phoenix abuses most often. He can warp anywhere in the room providing the room is filled with enough hot air. 3. Fire Aura - Generates fire over every inch of his body ensuring that no one can hold him for long. 4. Fire Charge - While on fire, Phoenix will slam into his enemies for heavy damage. 5. Illusions of the Past - While gripping an enemy, Phoenix can briefly summon images of Vile, Agile, Colonel and Bit to attack. It is unknown if they are actual data summoned from Cyber Space or simply heat illusions of beings that Phoenix once had knowledge of. 6. Feather Arrow - Phoenix Magnion will flap his wings three times, releasing six feathers per flap. The feathers are sharp enough on their own but if he uses this attack while the Fire Aura is activated the small projectiles will cause fire damage.

Main Weapon: His body in conjunction with fire powers. Talents: Phoenix loves to counter attacks and watch enemies make fools of themselves when they miss. As such, he always waits for the enemy to make the first move. Weaknesses: Electricity

Friends: Phantom (deceased) Rivals: Hanumachine Enemies: Resistance Scrap Backstory: Phoenix Magnion was a member of Phantom's unit until his master's death. He would have gone to work in Fefnir's army at this point but unfortunately for Phoenix, Fefnir was killed to. He has since been moved to a rundown factory in order to guard Neo Arcadia's secret stealth weapons, a job he loathes and blames the resistance for.

Weapon level: E Armor level: E