Approving Profiles

Here are several questions to ask before approving a character sheet to help determine whether or not you should approve that character. Not every section list here will apply to every game so adapt it to your needs as necessary. This list is also not a complete list, there may be more that could potentially be added. (Some may be highly specific for your game.)

Remember that whether you approve a profile or not is ultimately up to you. You can choose to approve one even if it has several issues mentioned here. The questions below are purely designed to help you think about the profile and whether it meets your standards.


  • Is the character described?
  • Can you get an idea what they look like from the description alone? (It's generally not acceptable to have a picture of a character then say: “see image” or anything like that. Characters should be described in case the image gets taken down or deleted.)
  • If they have an alternate form, is it described? Can you get an idea what it looks like from the description alone?

Watch out for overuse of flowery “fluff” language like: “her azure locks flowed, pouring over her shoulders.” or if they repeatedly describe the character as extremely beautiful/handsome. These are generally warning signs that the player has some Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu traits. (While a few aren't an issue on their own, more than a few tends to be a cause for concern.)


  • Do they have (or are under) the allowed number of starting weapons? (If there is a limit placed on them.)
  • Are the weapons described well? (If they need to be described.)
  • Does it make sense how the player acquired their weapon(s)? (If the weapons are unique or otherwise difficult to obtain due to location.)
  • Do the weapons have any unique effects? If so, what are they?


  • Are the powers listed? (In general, generic powers like Ice or Fire aren't permitted because they're too broad.)
  • Are the powers well explained? (Do they make sense?)
  • Do they powers have any listed limitations? (Or reasonably foreseeable limitations. EX- A power to summon lightning bolts from the sky might not being able to be used indoors.)
  • Do you get the sense that their power(s) might be too much? (Anything that one hit kills or mind controls is likely too much.)


  • Do the stats add up to be under the maximum?
  • Do the stats follow the rules? (EX- if you don't allow 0 in certain stats then make sure the character doesn't have 0 in those stats.)


  • Does the history make sense?
  • Does it fit within the universe?
  • Does it explain how they are the way they are?
  • Does it fit with our rules? (EX- No people making children of canon characters.)

Watch out for characters with extremely tragic histories. They can be additional warning signs for Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu traits. (Again, a few traits aren't an issue. But too many can be a problem.)