Fight Scenes

This article for fight scenes is mainly dealing with a player (or players) dealing with Non Playing Characters (NPCs) where the player can decide how things turn out.

Before you begin...

Read each post since your last one. Read them thoroughly. Make sure you have an idea of what is going on. This way you don't write something that isn't possible due to something another person has done. (Like a previous player has removed an enemy from the area and you intended for your character to punch that specific enemy. )

If you're initiating the thread/combat then you can skip this (because there is nothing yet so no one before you to read).


Here are two methods I have found for coming up with ideas for things to do in combat.

Imitation Method

In combat there a multitudes of ways to beat up opponents. If you're feeling uninspired, playing a videogame for inspiration can help. (I recommend Bayonetta, Devil May Cry 1, 3 or 4, God of War 1 or 2, or something in that vein of stylish combat. Or even just go to youtube and watch people's game play videos to see the sort of stuff they can do.) This will allow you to see combos and attack ideas that you can use (within reason of course… if your character doesn't have fire-based powers then you shouldn't write a post with them throwing fireballs).

Or if you watch horror movies, draw on some of that knowledge and do some brutal things to your enemies.*

*Note, this is mainly for non player character type enemies that anyone can control. If you're doing Player versus Player then it becomes trickier but you can still use the basics of this article to come up with attacks to use on the opponent but let them decide the outcomes. It is also a good idea to see this article for tips on writing player versus player.

Examination Method

Alternatively, look at the weapons and abilities your character has available at their disposal, and think what they can do with them. For example, if they have a sword then you know it can slash, stab or hack. They would also have hands, so that allows them to punch, chop or grab. And depending on the roleplay in question, your character may also have special powers which can add to the mix. This allows you to get creative with your attacks. Supposing a character had fire-based powers, they could generate a flame in their hand and punch an enemy with their flaming fist. Or they could strike with their fist, kick the enemy and then throw the flame in their hand at the enemy.

Also pay attention to their skill with their weapon/power. Not every character might have a black belt in Martial Arts or be a master at swordplay. So for them trying to use their sword may be clumsier than if they used their fists. Similarly, they may not have the greatest control/mastery of their power (especially if they just acquired it) and so using it may be harder/more time consuming and take a physical toll on them.

Enemy Method

Sometimes playing off the enemies is the easiest way. Take a look at the description of the enemy and figure out basically what it looks like and what it's capabilities are. Once you have that, you can decide to let that enemy make the first move. Then you can have your character react to them.

Alternatively, once you know what the enemy looks like/is capable of, you can decide where and how you want your character to hit that enemy. Some enemies have obvious weakspots (like big glowing circles).

Be sure to take into account that enemy's habits and tendencies though. For example, if an enemy is prone to covering it's face you may want to avoid your character trying to punch it there and instead have your character punch it in the stomach. Other enemies, like zombies, may have no self-preservation and will simply try to attack. So you may have to have your character dodge it's attack first before they can attack.

Dealing Damage

Once you know how you hit them, it's time to figure out what kind of damage you want to do to them… Say you slash them with a sword, do you cut through their armour? Do you cut them in half? Or remove an arm? Next up you describe the injury so others know roughly how it looks. Was it only a flesh wound? And where did it hit? Does it spurt blood?

Enemy Power

The only issue you might want to worry about in combat situations is the power of the enemy… Basic enemies that swarm you in hoards are fair game for just about anything you want to do to them. But as enemies become more unique, their powers are also greater and so you won't be able to get away with doing all the same things to them that you do to those much weaker ones.

For example, a high ranking enemy would have much tougher defence and more powers than any normal enemy because they're a lot rarer and would have to be stronger to avoid being easy beaten by small fry… So you're going to have to go through a lot more to remove one of their arms than a basic enemy. That means you can't just walk up and lop off one of their arms. Even as the fight progresses they still might be able to resist such an attack, this means you might have to think of new and different ways to attack them. Stronger enemies are also more likely to dodge attacks too. So don't be afraid to have attacks miss either. Sometimes that can add more tension to a situation. A critical attack missing and your character having to come up with a new strategy can add to a fight.

Final Tips

  1. Mix up your character's attacks. (If you attacked their stomach before maybe on the next enemy try another area.)
  2. Don't be afraid to take hits with your character. (Dodging all their attacks is godmodding.)
  3. Be careful when describing areas with other player's characters in them. If you mention their character make sure that your accurately describe what they've done.
  4. Avoid using other player's characters without their permission. (Let them react to things that are going on, don't react for them.)