Series spanning stats

These are stats that are used throughout the entire series. From Chaos Advent to Attention Rookies 2.


This is how fast your character can move around. This is your character's top speed for running or flying. A high speed just means your character can move really fast. But this doesn't mean they react fast at all. A higher speed also means they don't get quite as tired running either when carrying something or not. A reploids speed is much higher than a human’s… A reploid with a speed of 1 is able to run at about 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour.) And for every point over 1, the reploid can run an additional 50 miles per hour faster.

Stat points Speed (MPH) Speed (KPH)
0 10-40 16-65
1 100 160
3 200 320
5 350 565
10 600 965
15 850 1370


This is your character's reaction time. So it is how likely your character is able to dodge opponent attacks, this is also how manoeuvrable they are. Higher agility means they can dodge and weave faster and react quicker. It also affects how fast they can reach top speed.

This is compared to enemy dex to determine if your character dodges successfully.

their dex is Your character
1-3 higher than your speed might not be hit at all
4-6 higher than your speed will probably be hit, maybe critically
7-10 higher than your speed is hit, probably critically

A reploid with 1 in agility has a reaction time of 200 milliseconds. (This is about 150 milliseconds quicker than a human can react. ) And for every point put in, a reploid can react 20 milliseconds quicker.

Stat points Reaction time in milliseconds
0 350 - 280
1 200
3 160
5 100
10 1
15 .01


This how much your character can lift (and how strong your character's physical attacks are.) At 5 your character can lift the civilian reploid max of 5 tons, but for every point over 5, they can lift one more ton. (Or an additional 2200 lbs.)

Value Tons Lbs
0 0 100-300
1 1 2200
3 3 6600
5 5 11,000
10 10 22,000
15 15 33,000


This is how strong your character's armor is. Strong armor means your character takes less damage from all types of attacks (barring any elemental weaknesses which negate this.) This is compared to strength to determine physical damage or skill level to determine special attack damage.

When strength/skill level and defense are equal the defender takes 5 damage. If defense is 1 higher, defender takes 4 damage, If attack is 1 higher, defender takes 6 damage. ex- if def is 3 and attack is 7 dmg would be 9 (5 + difference)


This is how skilled your character is with their chosen weapon. Also includes how accurate they are with their weapon, how likely they are to hit and how likely they are to hit in a critical area (IE the jugular in the neck.) This is compared to enemy agility for dodging attacks.

If they have higher agility:

Their agility is Your character
1-3 higher than your dex probably misses critical areas, but hits in general area.
4-6 higher than your dex might miss altogether.
7-10 higher than your dex probably won't hit at all.

Skill limit

This is how many skills your character can have. These are your character's own personal moves, that your character innately has. You are limited to setting as many moves as you have skill limit, you CANNOT create multiple moves and cycle them as you feel like. Once you pick your moves you must stick with them.

This stat has a hard limit of 12. (So even if a character has 13 or more points, they can only have 12 skills.)

Skill level

This is how proficient your character is with their skills. A higher skill level means your character can do more damage and/or use their skills more effectively. This gets compared against defence when your character uses their special moves to inflict damage.

For new generation reploids, skill level determines the number of transformations that they can make.


This is how hardy your character is. High constitution means you can perform at peak levels for longer with out getting tired (or running out of energy), it also means that when resting you get rid of your tiredness faster and also affects how effectively your nanites can repair damage and how long can survive after taking critical damage before running out of nanites and suffering a massive malfunction. In determining the recovery time it isn't how many seconds it takes to recover. It only affects how long damage will take to heal if left untreated.

Damage Classification Example
Minor damage a dent in the armour
Medium damage a slash/shot that wounds an extremity or non vital system, but can still impair functionality.
Severe damage a stab or shot wound to a vital system.
Critical damage Multiple wounds to vital systems, removal of multiple systems.
Death imminent unless victim receives medical treatment.
Constitution of Minor damage Medium damage Severe damage Critical damage
0 constitution damage does not heal at all.
1-3 takes a day takes a week Requires medical attention within 6 hours requires medical attention or else victim will die in less than 30 minutes.
4-6 takes up to 3 - 6 hours takes a day Requires medical attention within 12 hours requires treatment within 2 - 3 hours.
7-10 takes around 1 - 2 hours takes 6 - 12 hours takes 2 - 3 days requires treatment within 3 - 6 hours.
over 10 heal in under 30 minutes under 6 hours takes 1 - 2 days requires treatment within 6 - 12 hours

Game specific stats

These are statistics which were only used in one game or were used differently in one game.

Speed - AR:0

In Attention Rookies: Zero, speed and agility were folded together into one stat. Having a high speed stat could mean that either characters were fast or they had high agility, depending on what the situation called for.

In this case, speed was compared to dexterity to determine whether hits were landed.

When characters transition to AR1 or AR2 they would have identical agility and speed stats. (Even if that means characters break the limit of 40 stat points.)

Intelligence - AR2

This was only used in Attention Rookies 2

This was later folded partly into Skill Level and partly into IQ.

This was supposed to give a number to how characters reacted to stress in battle. How it affected their ability to think, react and fight. This also was to show how adept at problem solving and remembering important details.

Though this trait was never really utilized and was scrapped.

Statistic FAQs

Can I have a stat of 0?

Yes and No.

Although I have capabilities listed at 0 points for some stats, this was done purely for interest sake. Most of your stats must have at least 1 point in them. Here's why (broken down by stat):

Stat Reasoning
Speed Good luck catching up to or running away from a maverick if you need to. As well good luck dodging or reacting to anything, if you have 0, you'll be so slow in reacting that mavericks will be able to pick you clean before you can set your sights on them.
Strength Without any strength you won't be able to lift anything beyond 100-300 pounds.
And if you have a knuckle or saber based weapon you’ll need the strength to deal damage. Knuckles rely on brute strength for all their damage so if you have no strength then you'll be unable to do any damage with knuckle weapons (which might not be so bad if your character is a buster user). Sabers benefit from the strength as it helps cut things quicker, pushing the blade though the armour/material.
Defence One strong hit and your armour shatters inward, killing you nearly instantly.
Dexterity No dexterity means your not going to be shooting anything from a range, and even up close your not going to be able to hit anything. But what does this matter if you're a knuckle/saber user? Sure you have to be closer, but without an dexterity, they'll easily be able to dodge your swings, or catch them and counter if they want.
Skill limit You’ll have no moves of your own… So maybe this isn’t a bad thing, but you’ll want at least one move of your own right? (This is one of the few stats you can have a 0 in.)
Skill level This wouldn’t make sense, how can you be so unfamiliar with your own skills? With this at zero you basically would screw up your own moves every time… (If you have any skills you must have at least 1 point in here too. If you have no skills then you can have a zero in this also.)
Constitution Even with solid armor you'll still get some damage and that will be enough to bring you down. You won’t be able to run at all without getting tired, wounds won’t heal, and forget lifting anything for any amount of time.

Why is skill limit capped?

The Skill limit was capped at 12 to prevent people from create characters with 15+ skills but absolutely crippled stats otherwise. 12 skills was deemed a fairly high limit especially given the fact that players are given 8 maverick moves on top of whatever skills they possess innately. And anything higher than 12 also gave concern of where they were hiding all those weapon modules in their body. (Since they'd need one for each special skill…)