Weapon Modules

Weapon modules are the abilities that combat reploids have built right into them. These are that reploid's own unique moves. (Called “Special Attacks” in this case.) These are also the modules that hunters copy from defeated mavericks to acquire their weapons. (Called “Maverick Attacks” in this case.)


In most cases weapon modules are small black boxes (usually less than 3 inches in width, height and depth) though they can be shaped to fit within a reploid's body by competent engineers so they aren't necessarily square. They typically have some markings indicating they are a weapon module on them (to prevent accidental mix ups with other components).


A typical reploid is fitted with 3-6 weapon modules. Though some special reploids may be equipped with more (not more than 12 though). There are also rare cases where combat reploids have been designed without any weapon modules. Though reploids without weapon modules tend to be somewhat more physically capable due to not having weapon modules drawing off energy to function.


These modules are located in various places within the reploid's body. Exact placement within the body varies by reploid (some reploids might have all their modules in their torso where others might have them all in their arms and legs). Though this also depends on how many weapon modules they have. (The more they have, the more spread out they will be.)


There are two types of weapon modules that are often used… In either case there still needs to be one module per power. But their exact use varies.


These weapon modules are designed so that each module gives it's own unique power. This means that destroying one causes that power to be completely unavailable. This type of module was the first type created (at the beginning) and was quickly replaced by an improved model (see below) which lead to this being a rather rare type.


These weapon modules are all keyed to each other. They all have the exact same data as each other. This means that even if all but one is destroyed the reploid can still use all of their special moves (barring any other damage which would prevent them). Though their individual moves will be weaker as a result. (Due to the fact that only 1 of their total number is contributing any energy to generate the power.) This is the most commonly used type of weapon module. It was designed to prevent lucky strikes from completely removing a reploid's attack.


Weapon modules sprung off research and development of the Variable Weapon system. (Which is also partly why the VWS can so easily mimic most powers.)

It's unclear who the first reploid to have their own unique weapons were. But ever since they discovered the technology it has been a mainstay. Most combat reploids have some unique weapons/powers of their own to help bolster their fighting power.


Difference between Special attacks and Maverick attacks?

- Special Attacks are the abilities your character starts the RP with. The number your character is allowed is determined by their skill limit. If you have 5 moves but only 4 skill limit points, then you are going to have to chose one of your moves not to use… but once you make the selection you cannot change it without getting approval from me. It’s also worth noting that while your character has his/her own special moves they won’t be effective against all enemies at all times. Some bosses and enemies will possess enhanced armor, or abilities which will affect your own. In these cases you'll have to rely on more than just using your own moves. This is where the maverick moves come in…

- Maverick Attacks (or Maverick Moves/Powers) are the ones you get when you defeat an enemy. These moves are often stronger than your abilities… but they come at a cost. You don't have unlimited use with them. (After several shots they run out of energy and need to be recharged.)

How do maverick moves work?

Once you beat a maverick, players gain one of their moves. They get a choice between a buster, knuckle or saber type move. Players must have that weapon equipped to use that type of move. And characters are only allowed 2 weapons. (So that means no having a saber in your pocket, knuckles on and a buster in your backpack.)

And of course the perfunctory warning comes with this as well… once you pick a maverick’s move you can’t change it. (So think carefully about this before you make a decision.) I know this goes against the Maverick Power Database idea. But it's done to prevent constant switching of attacks to keep things easier to follow.

Also of note… unlike the special moves of your own character you have a limit of the number of times you can use your maverick’s moves… But as a consequence these moves are often much more powerful than your own moves. (Can be useful for bypassing enhanced armor or special abilities which hamper your moves…)

What is the limit for using Maverick Powers?

This is usually left up to the player’s discretion. Basically the player who is using the move decide how many times to use a weapon, but if they go overboard (like if they use that move 6 times a post for 5 posts) then I may intervene and have them forcibly run out.