Vanguard Valkyrie

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Vanguard Valkyrie
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2”
Weight: 199lbs
IQ: 111
DOB: November 11th
Birth Place: Norway
Residence: Maverick Base
Occupation: Former: Bodyguard
Current: Maverick


Skin Color: pale white
Eye Color: brown
Hair Style: long blonde hair falls freely from underneath her helmet.

Head – Vanguard wears a heavy iron style helmet with only a narrow opening for her eyes visible. On top are a pair on wings that extend back from the top of the helmet.

Chest/torso – Her breastplate is grey with ornate carvings lining the edges. On her back she has a pair of retractable white wings. (At their full width they are 6 feet long each. And they have a plain metal plate atop the joint to protect them from attacks.) She has a plate of metal that extends off each hip and extends down about 7 inches. This section is grey and has several segments to allow her to easily move (each segment has a small line carved into it).

Arms – Her shoulders have small rounded pauldrons with a ornately carved circular pattern along the bottom (starting at the shoulder joint and extending to the end of the pauldron). Her arms are covered in a thick grey metal which is wider just before her elbow then tapers off a bit to be narrower at her wrist. Her arms have two brown pieces of metal about 2 inches apart that wrap completely around each arm (these are about an inch behind her wrist). Unlike her pauldrons and breastplate though her arms have no ornate carvings.

Legs – Her thighs are wrapped in brown, leather-like, material that extends into her armoured boots. She also has a small plate of metal that covers her inner thigh and outer thigh (though it leaves about an inch between her crotch and the metal). Her shin guard is grey with ornate carvings in the top at the knee. It is fairly thin at the top and slightly wider at the bottom like most reploids. Though her ankles have a pair of small wing like pieces of metal jutting from them.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: -
Speed: 6
Strength: 7
Defense: 13
Dexterity: 4
Skill Level: 4
Skill Limit: 5
Constitution: 6
Total: 45

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: A 4 foot long sword with a very simple metal pommel and leather wrapped handle. (The blade emits a beam starting from one side, up and around then down to the other side.)


Special Attacks:

  1. Vanguard Breaker - Buster - Generates a thick shield in front of the user that can absorb attacks. It can also be launched as a projectile to deal deamage.
  2. Vanguard Crash - Saber - Generates a powerful energy barrier in front of the user. Launches an energy blast when struck.
  3. Advanced Guard - Knuckle - generates a disc of energy that can be thrown. Upon impact with projectiles it will deflect them.
  4. Repel Guard - When one of the barriers are struck, Valkyrie generates a pulse of energy that pushes opponents away.
  5. Orbital Vanguard - Overdrive - Valkyrie generates 18 energy shields that position themselves around her. They then begin to spin. Once they are spinning quickly they begin to shoot small pulses of energy off.

Weakness: Attacks that siphon energy cause Vanguard's defenses to weaken. Her power reactor cannot keep up with constantly recharging her shields.



Vanguard has a habit of attacking whom she deems the weakest first. She makes beelines right for any that are weakened or vulnerable. (This stems from a perversion of her former desire to protect. And leans more towards the mythological idea of Valkyries leading injured soldiers to Valhalla.) She doesn't make small talk during fights at all and largely remains silent to focus on fighting. She tends to be immune to taunts, insults and that sort of thing.


Vanguard Valkyrie was created as a personal defense reploid for celebrities and VIPs. She performed her job admirably and was eventually approached by Maverick Hunters to recruit her for escort missions. She initially refused because she was satisfied with her current job. But the more time she spent escorting whiny cele-brats the less she enjoyed her work. She figured that a change of scenery and company would help. So she took the hunters up on their offer.

However what she didn't realise was that she hadn't actually joined the hunters. The recruiter she had spoke with was a maverick posing as a hunter. It wasn't until later she actually realised something was amiss. (When they weren't headed to Hunter HQ…) At that point the mavericks infected her with the maverick virus and held her until she turned.

Behind the Maverick

Her theme is Fjordfader - Nordsjøen Venter.

She uses her sword in her left hand (though this wasn't originally part of her design it was added during play).

Vanguard Valkrie was based off the Norse interpretation of the Valkryies (warrior women who brought slain warriors to Valhalla). This fact was referenced in her personality. (Though it was mentioned as a perversion of her true nature, to protect. Though this falls more in line with the actual nature of Valkyries.) Her armoured appearance takes cues from Marvel's new interpretation of Thor (specifically the blonde hair, blue eyes, helmet). While her sword and shield combo is a bit of a throwback to Link (especially with the left-hand connection) of the Legend of Zelda.