Attention Rookies


  1. Chapter 1 - Every Story has a Beginning (Intro Mission)
  2. Chapter 2 - Those Mean Streets (Bombadier Panthieron)
  3. Chapter 3 - Nature Walks (Solarion Vineyard)
  4. Chapter 4 - Arabian Afternoons (Terra Groundhog)
  5. Chapter 5 - Frozen Wasteland (Tundra Fox)
  6. Chapter 6 - Tricks and Traps (Pyro Cerebrus)
  7. Chapter 7 - Flying High (Titanium Tortoise)
  8. Chapter 8 - Burning Rubber (Race Raccoon)
  9. Chapter 9 - Zero's fight (Spread Sphinx)
  10. Chapter 10 - It all comes Crashing down (Final Mission)

Short version of the plot

Short version of the plot

Short version of the plot

  1. During an assault on Hunter HQ, a new virus pops up… one that increases the maverick's power but turns maverick's vital fluid blue. Samples are taken.
  2. A maverick (Bombardier Panthieron) is stomping around a city causing destruction, the hunters are split into 2 teams, one to take out the maverick.
  3. The other team sets out to investigate a strange energy signature in the jungle (Solarion Vineyard). Both mavericks are killed.
  4. A maverick encampment is located in the desert, the hunters are dispatched to locate it. They uncover a mobile facility that the mavericks are using lead by Terra Groundhog.
  5. The hunters head to the Canadian Tundra to investigate rumours of a bio-weapon. The rumours are false, but they do encounter Tundra Fox who uses an upgraded version of the virus the hunters recovered earlier… with devastating results to the hunters and himself.
  6. The hunters respond to a triple pronged maverick assault on the Hunter base. The attack turns out to be a rouse to split up the Hunter forces. Signas activates the Helios space laser to cut the enemy forces apart. The weapon's power is immense, destroying most of the enemy ships and taking out most of the hunter base in the process (along with Signas). X teleports in just in time and uses all his power to hold the Helios laser off to give everyone time to escape. X is killed in the process. Pyro Cerbrus appears to capitalize on the disaster. The hunters end up taking out Pyro Cerbrus' ship
  7. In the aftermath of Signas's death, Zero becomes the new Commander. Alia detects a floating battleship. Zero decides to sent a team to ambush it and exact a measure of justice against the mavericks. The hunters encounter Titanium Tortoise who takes the ship into space, they kill him which causes the ship to plummet to the ground. Zero orders the Enigma Cannon to be used. The hunters warp out just before the shot hits and destroys the ship.
  8. The mavericks use one of their former weapon manufacturing facilities as a trap for the hunters. But the Hunters battle Race Raccoon, but he is killed when a strange black aircraft appears overhead and fires a shot at him. The hunters escape before the base explodes.
  9. Spread Sphinx challenges Zero to a one on one duel. Zero accepts. The fight occurs in the remains of Hunter HQ's training room. The fight ends with Zero carving Spread Sphinx in half… but her final attack explodes, taking Zero out. All that remains of Zero was his saber.
  10. The strange black craft appears over top of Hunter HQ with a message for the hunters. A team of hunters board the craft and discover the identity of the villian… X!?! And Zero? The hunters do battle with their allies.
  11. After defeating X it is revealed that Sigma had managed to infect X with a new virus, it took years to work though. X later recruited Zero by using a modified version of the same virus. But having been defeated, the virus was sent into remission when X shut down. Similarly, Zero was developing an immunity to it, so when he was knocked out he became immune to it on his own.
  12. Mother elf is created (Weil assists with the creation), it then begins the purification process in X. X wakes up. Because he was the base for all reploids, he is the only one who can use the Mother Elf to start the purge of the maverick virus. After he begins the purge, he goes to sleep to finish his own purge.


Behind the Scenes

Attention Rookies was the first roleplay created.

WARNING - Spoilers within

WARNING - Spoilers within

WARNING - Spoilers within

It was created to answer a question that I had been thinking about… What if X became a maverick? How would he act? What would he do? I envisioned that he would pretend that Sigma had returned again. Then he would manipulate everyone into thinking that he was dead so he could move to the shadows to complete the work on a new form of the maverick virus. Something that would act like a steroid for Mavericks to give them additional strength to combat the Hunter's and their Hypermodes. (Because this is something that Sigma might try… So it'd help keep the charade of him being back up.) The additional benefit of his death would be that the Hunter's morale would be broken while they grieved and their forces would be weakened (since he wouldn't have to pretend to fight for them).

Almost all the mavericks were all created through a common theme, they each came into contact with a destroyed, yet highly infectious, piece of Sigma. This was done to give the mavericks a tie together in how they came about, plus to put focus on Sigma and divert attention from others as the possible mastermind behind it all. (The constant mentioning of Sigma was intended to lead people to believe that it was Sigma.) Though in all actuality, Sigma never actually appears in the story at all, he's only ever mentioned.

The roleplay was released on February 13th 2006 to success. The story took off quite quickly with players getting involved pretty quickly. Though exactly how much success it had may have been nostalgia clouded.

Design wise, the character sheet I used was incredibly short and not well designed. (A fact which some players abused.) The future armor section's meaning was unclear. (I should have used the term Hypermode right from the start.) Like mentioned, some players also abused the fact it was so open ended to alter their move sets up whenever they wanted/felt like it. Which meant knowing what moves they had was a constant pain for me(and for everyone else who was playing with them).

Though despite the flaws, the game was still good.

After it came to an end, people clamoured for a sequel. (Something which honestly hadn't been anticipated.) Though the game had only really intended to be a stand alone story, a sequel was created. Along with room for several prequels (in the story it was mentioned that Sigma had survived the Moon base defeat at the end of Megaman X8). The sequel was launched exactly a year to the day of the original's launching date.