Maverick Power Database (MPD)

The Maverick Power Database (MPD for short) is a collection of every Maverick power that has been acquired since Hunter HQ first began collecting Maverick's powers. (They only began just before X joined.) This system is unique to the Maverick Hunters and access to its core systems are heavily restricted (though there is rumour of a black market system something like the Hunters).

Basic Principle

The database works by a plug in to all existing Maverick Hunter's armours. When a Maverick Hunter defeats a Maverick and acquires their weapon module for use with their Variable Weapon System, a copy of that weapon module is sent back to the Hunter's database for storage, analysis and safekeeping. This system then automatically sends out a copy of this data to everyone else on that Hunter's team allowing them to gain a copy of that weapon too. (Thus ensuring they all are on equal footing for fighting Mavericks.)

Using MPD

Once a weapon is sent into the database, others at Hunter HQ can then use it too. They simply go to one of the various terminals located around Hunter bases (often located in training rooms, mission staging areas and very rarely in Hunter's personal quarters, Zero is rumoured to have one of these in his room) and place their hand on the pad while their armour is active. They can then download any power that is stored in the database. (Though for a safety precaution to protect the database, these terminals allow only copies to be downloaded from them, not access to the original files, so nothing can be removed.)

This allows all hunters the ability to try out a wide range of powers in the training room at their leisure. These powers are also used by Trainers to show rookies how to use a wide range of powers so they become more adept at gaining and using maverick powers.

Power Degradation

Unfortunately, due to the fact that technology advances. Powers from early fights/situations generally are not as effective in later situations. For example, using Chill Penguin's Shotgun Ice on Gigavolt Man-o-war will not be as effective as it would be on Spark Mandrill simply due to the fact of how many years have passed and technology has improved that much. Though some powers possess side benefits that can make them useful regardless. And even if powers aren't that effective, they are still good for training and battle simulation which makes keeping them around worthwhile.

Powers can be upgraded some to improve their damage capacity, however this is extremely expensive, often cost prohibitively expensive so it is very rare for there to be upgrades to existing powers. Plus Hunter funds, while generous, are not infinite. So they do still need to allocate resources to other sectors.

Limitations of MPD

Weapons sent out via Power Database's “send to team” system are sent blindly. So if a Maverick were ever able to acquire an active Hunter's plugin, they could receive Maverick weapons also. (See Merge Silkworm) Though plugins to access the Power Database are swapped out and set with new codes every few months to prevent mavericks from targeting these systems in hopes of acquiring moves with them.

List of Powers

Here is a list of powers registered in the database.

Weapon Powers in the Database

Behind the Scenes

The Maverick Power Database was a concept that was initially introduced in Attention Rookies and expanded a bit on in Attention Rookies 2 (largely due to Merge Silkworm). I stated that powers selected from a maverick they'd beaten could not be changed, however this flies in the face of what the MPD can actually do. This was a choice I'd made to prevent people from constantly switching their weapons/abilities up.(Even though in actuality In Universe it would be very easy for Hunters to vary their powers up like this… But only before a mission started.) Since I didn't want people changing their weapons/powers mid-mission so they could adapt and always be the best for every situation that could arise. This is a decision that I've stuck with throughout the entire series.