Mavericks - Unaffiliated

Greetings Hunters, Contained within these files are every scrap of information we could find on the various mavericks walking around out there. Unfortunately there will always be more mavericks so should you encounter one, please update our files accordingly.

- Hunter HQ.


Name Description Status
Hypersonic Hedgehog Open/killable
Screech Sparrow - Open/Killable
Shadow-Dirge Soenhime - Open/Killable
Trap Scorpion - Open/Killable
Veil Chameleon - Open/Killable
Spiff Zoren - Deactivated

Brook's side Missions

Name Description Status
Mysterious Maverick 1 Killed
Mysterious Maverick 2 Killed
Tristy (Copy) A copy of the original Hunter. Killed