Writing Guides

Here are several guides written to help users improve their capabilities in writing.

Structure Guides

These are the basic rules of how to write in English. These guides are not meant to be a substitute for proper English lessons and should never be treated as such. They are not perfect by any stretch. (Using them will not give you any claim or qualification for mastery of English language. And while we strive to be as accurate as we can… we do not make any claims that these guides are 100% accurate.)

Situational Guides

These guides are for some situations you may find yourself in when writing in a roleplay site. They are designed to help improve your writing for those specific situations. If you are unfamiliar with some of the terminology used in roleplay, please check our glossary.

Common Roleplay Pitfalls

These are guides for identifying and avoiding some of the more common issues that roleplayers face.

Roleplay Creation Guides