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Welcome to Endless Fight's wiki. It is a closed wiki for members of Endless Fight only to edit. It contains logs of the various stories that have run and characters that have taken part in the stories, plus logs of events that have taken place on the site. It also contains bios of people participating in the games so you can get to know them a little better (if they feel like filling out a bio page).



Name/Link Description Manager Status
AR-CA-DIA Chronicles A Megaman X roleplay that picks up at the end of X8 and details the events of several major conflicts until the end of the Maverick Wars. VirusZero Open
Arcadia A Megaman Zero roleplay that picks up right after Zero is awakened and follows a group of Resistance soldiers working for Ciel. Jet Closed
Soul Erasure - WIP
Mega Man Battle Network: Netbattle Academy A MMBN roleplay set approximately 20 years after Lan Hikari has stopped the WWW for the final time. Now Lan has moved onto a new project, Netbattle Academy, with the purpose of training the next generation. Zanjitsu Abandoned

Status List

Status List

Status List

This is a list of the most common status that a game may have and what they mean.

Status Meaning
Open The game is currently running and is accepting new players. Feel free to join in.
WIP The game is currently being worked on or is otherwise not yet open for players to join.
Closed The game is currently shut down. No new applicants are being accepted and current ones may not be able to roleplay within that game right then. This may or may not be because the game was completed.
Completed The game has reached an end point. (Either reached the end of it's last story arc or the manager has decided to finish it another way.)
Players may still be able to play in the world, but all the manager's story arcs are done.
Abandoned The creator of the game has left the forum or has otherwise deserted the game without ending it. Players may be able to continue on their own. (Though this is not guaranteed, depending on the current state of the game.)

It is possible to have combinations like: Complete/Closed or Complete/Open.


Writing Guides

Here are various writing guides that have been written for users to help improve their own writing.

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