After the infamous Elf Wars, the world settled down a bit and tried to rebuild… But in the city Neo-Arcadia, all was not well…

Neo-Arcadia was founded by Megaman X to be a paradise for human and reploid alike, but due to the energy shortage reploids began to be discriminated against. One day the Neo-Arcadian government began naming scores of reploids as mavericks, prompting innocent reploids to flee for their lives underground and go into hiding. They were joined by a single human scientist - Ciel, who alone knew the tale behind Neo-Arcadia's aggressive policy change. She also knew that the band of resistance fighters wouldn't be enough to save them from the world power that was Neo-Arcadia and began her search for the one reploid that might be able to save them all… Zero.

Based off Megaman Zero universe.


  1. Chapter 1 - Legendary Hero (Gawain)
  2. Chapter 2 - Prison Break(Aztec Vulture)
  3. Chapter 3 - Steal the Data
  4. Chapter 4 - Defend the Base! (Fefnir) (Thundak Burrilian)
  5. Chapter 5 - Search and Rescue (Anubis)
  6. Chapter 6 - Secure the Factory (The Janitor)
  7. Chapter 7 - Defend the Factory
  8. Chapter 8 - The Outer Defenses (Leviathan) (Frostbite Flasia)
  9. Chapter 9 - The Cost of Freedom (Phantom) (Copy X)
  10. Chapter 10 - Resistance Base (Rainbow Devil) (Matt the Met)
  11. Chapter 11 - Stealth Steal (Phoenix Magnion)
  12. Chapter 12 - Prisoner Exchange (Jet)
  13. Chapter 13 - Hitching a Ride (Panther Fauclaws)
  14. Chapter 14 - Project Ironclad (Monitor and Merrimac)

Player Characters

NPC and Official Characters