Arcadia Chronicles

This is a series of stories based in the Megaman X universe that begin in the year 22XX (Just after the end of the game Megaman X8) and continue up into 23XX (the Megaman Zero series).

This series spans over a hundred years of history and chronicles many important moments in the history of the Maverick Wars. For an exact list of dates, see the timeline.

The Individual stories

Here you will find links to each individual story's pages.

Personnel Files

Here is a list of all personnel that have been employed by the Hunters.

Personnel Files

The Maverick Database

Greetings Hunters,
This database houses data on mavericks that we have encountered. To narrow your search, choose the type of maverick you're looking for.

- Hunter HQ.

Type of Query
Mavericks - By Incident These are maverick incidents that were associated with larger events or uprisings (EX- “Attention Rookies 1” mavericks )
Mavericks - No affiliation These are mavericks who are not affiliated with larger events or have a personal vendetta against a Hunter (Player created mavericks)

Behind the Scenes

The section contains the rules, regulations and all important behind the scenes details that helps to make running this game possible.