The year is 203X, and Lan Hikari, esteemed scientist and one of the best of Electopia has set the foundations for next gen Net Society. Project “Netbattle Academy”, a school built upon the foundations of competitive spirit, team work and sportsmanship, dedicated to creating a vigilant generation of netbattlers to protect the future.

Project “Netbattle Academy” was an idea started by Lan Hikari, he felt the school environment was the perfect place to start nurturing one’s own skills and potentials, ultimately the goal was to strengthen society from attacks by crime syndicates. After all, everything was operated through the net now.

The school is situated in Cyber City, the most high tech and advanced city in the known world. It is said that students were selected worldwide to attend. You are a student at Netbattle Academy, today is the grand opening and you have been selected out of literally billions of children worldwide to attend here for until the end of your high school years.

Netbattle Academy is an elementary, middle and high school all in one, with guaranteed admittance to Cyber City University if you graduate from here. So, how will you spend your time at this new school?

The World Today

Let us begin with the normals of everyday life. Everything is operated and connected through the net, as everyone should know. However ever since the invention of the Copybots in 20XX, Navis not only serve their operators on the net, but also in day to day activities, so it is not abnormal for classes to be taught physically and personally by the teacher and his or her Navi.


There are two kinds of Copybots. Domestic Copybots, and Military Copybots. Domestic Copybots cannot use battle chips, and have the average strength of an adult. Military Copybots are capable of using battle chips, and are in heavy restriction. They are only used in high profile emergencies, and are strictly to never be used by regular students or kids for that matter. 20 years is a long time, Copybots can last an indefinite amount of time, meaning they’re pretty much everywhere in modern society. Average times though is 3 days for Domestic CopyBots, and almost a full year for Military CopyBots. It is to be noted that when a Navi is defeated while inside a Copybot, the Copybot is what is taking damage, rather than the Navi.

Kids are not allowed to own a Copybot, however with certain licenses, such as an Official Netbattle License, or a City Netbattle License, they can own one. Although no one will start with any of these licenses.


Otherwise known as PErsonal Terminals, are an everyday accessory replacing music players, walkmans, mobile phones and just about everything you can carry around. The most popular model back in 20XX was the Progress, although twenty years have passed, the most popular model today is the Evolution series. This series looks much sleeker, and has a slide panel upward to switch between touchscreen and holographic display.

PETs can store information, and is viewed by bringing up a holographic display, the very same display can be used to see and talk to other people, and generally it’s a small PC, as the display is interactive. Interaction becomes much more advanced if your Navi is inside of your PET, enabling quick sending of emails and writing of documents if that is what you require.

Net Navi

Short for Net Navigator, your Net Navi helps you in everyday life, being a relay from the net to you. They can be customized to your own liking with relative ease, although the most optimal customizations depend on the purpose. In workplaces, employees always have specific programs installed into their Navi that allow them to do their jobs. Over twenty years, this has evolved greatly due to the invention of the CopyBot.

Net Navis are also known to battle, especially viruses which is taught in every school. After just regular virus busting is netbattling, which is a term used for when one battles another with their Navis. Netbattling is a popular sport, since most if not all Navis can be recreated even if they are deleted. Although one must be careful, as it takes a long time to recreate and reprogram them, especially if they are heavily customized.

Net Crime

A term that emerged just months after the beginning of the Net almost a full century ago. This term refers to crimes committed with the use of Navis and viruses. Twenty years ago over the course of around three to four years, Net Crime was at an all time high with the organisations WWW/World 3, Gospel and Nebula. Today there are still criminals, and in an attempt to curb that even further, the Netbattle Academy project was started.

Another thing to note about Net Crime is the Undernet, a mysterious connected part of the current known Net that harbors extremely powerful viruses and net criminals. It is not a place to go to unless you are an extremely competent Netbattler. Even then one must be on their guard.

Jacking In

Colloquial term used for logging into the net, popularized by kids shortly after the net emerged. Eventually it also became an official term, and people forgot about it, since it really worked. Early on jacking in was done by wires, so people had to get close, there were some items such as a wireless console that allowed wireless jacking in. It only took a year for this technology to really take off and be implemented into every appliance and piece of equipment, and the new line of PETs at the time, the Progress model.

Now jacking in is done through infrared rays. The technology has not changed for years, the range of jacking in however has increased, but for security reasons almost everything inside a building is made to block off long range jacking in. The areas of any city that have long range jacking ports are usually the squares or fast food restaurants such as WacDonalds.

School Life

Each day will teach the usual subjects of any school. Math, English, Science, etc. However a large amount of work is done at home and in your spare time, as Netbattle Academy’s class times always end at 12PM, starting from 9AM, although to make up for it, they also occupy Saturdays. Remedial classes are enforced on students who do not complete homework or prove that they have learned the class’ material.

Largely the free time is used to complete requests on the School BBS, which is connected to all Request BBS in Cyber City. All students are also given a Student Pass, letting them ride transportation for free, allowing them to go to anywhere in Cyber City whenever they wish.

Furthermore, all PETs and Navis are registered on the school database, as well as have a program installed which records wins and losses. Winning or losing against a fellow student will change your rankings in the Database. At the end of each month, the rankings are shown for the entire day, allowing students to see how they compare with one another.

It is encouraged students be diligent netbattlers, but at the same time pay attention to studies. After all, if you don’t finish your homework, your free time is diminished greatly.