Attention Rookies 2


  1. Chapter 1 - Brave New World
  2. Chapter 2 - Into the Lost Woods (Illumin Fungus and Growth Gastonia)
  3. Chapter 3 - Where Even Sewer Rats Wouldn't Go (Aqua Duck)
  4. Chapter 4 - The Munitions Dump (Blast Baboon)
  5. Chapter 5 - One Man's Trash is another's Treasure (Metal Mongoose)
  6. Chapter 6 - Watch out for Stalactites (Dust Dragonfly)
  7. Chapter 7 - Emergency Power (Teravolt Termite)
  8. Chapter 8 - At Home with Mom (Danger Doberman)
  9. Chapter 9 - We get signal?!
  10. Chapter 10 - New Faces, Old Foes
  11. Chapter 11 - End of the Line…

Short version of the plot

Short version of the plot

Short version of the plot

  1. Kicks off with an attack on the World Senate (because they're proposing new energy use laws). Hunters are dispatched to deal with the armed attackers.
  2. A forest base where researchers were working was attacked and files were stolen, hunters are dispatched to locate the researchers, extract them and recover the files. Unfortunately they run into resistance in the form of twin mavericks. (Illumin Fungus and Growth Gastonia.) The hunters manage to best both mavericks.
  3. The city's aquaducts were taken over by a maverick (fittingly named Aqua Duck) in an attempt to show the humans how energy regulation would be devastating for reploid kind, Alia dispatched the hunters and the maverick was defeated.
  4. A munitions dump was attacked by mavericks in a seeming attempt to increase their weapon supply. Blast Baboon is on scene supervising the operation. She gets taken down by the hunters… but she plants the idea to rebel in some of the hunters.
  5. A scrapyard was being raided by a maverick (Metal Mongoose). Hunters are dispatched to prevent the maverick from making off with more parts to create further mavericks. (This is where Sigma's parts were buried.)
  6. The central city mines came under maverick fire (Dust Dragonfly). The attack was stopped by the hunters, but Dust's true objective was to steal data from the mining company about a past project they had supplied materials for…
  7. While Alia was working on a report, the power station goes offline. She dispatches the hunters immediately when the power doesn't return. The hunters end up fighting against a maverick (Tetravolt Termite) that can absorb electricity and was returning the stolen power to the maverick base.
  8. The data from the mines was decoded, revealing the target of the Mother Elf's burial ground. Alia dispatches the hunters to secure the Mother Elf before anything goes wrong. Unfortunately a maverick (Danger Doberman) is already waiting for them. The battle ensued, but just when the Mother elf was secured, the maverick's leader showed up and captured the Mother elf.
  9. A strange signal is detected in the Desert. Hunters investigate only to find an out of control Reaver.
  10. The hunters learn that Sigma's parts were the ones stolen from the scrap yard, thinking he is revived again, Alia dispatches the hunters to X's grave. Where they find Sigma… Set to destroy the sleeping hunter. The hunters do battle with Sigma, beating him and securing X's sleeping body.
  11. Alia tries to contact Dr. Weil to examine Sigma's body to prevent Sigma from returning… But Weil doesn't answer. Alia grows suspicious. Then a message states that Dr. Weil has been captured and is being held at the floating senate building. Lumine then reveals his presence and explained his plot to keep the hunters busy, remind the populace of the maverick wars then take over. Lumine is defeated though.
    Omega is then revealed, being controlled by Dr. Weil. The hunters engage the powerful reploid and win… Until Weil uses the Dark Elf to power up Omega. X arrives and aids the hunters in fighting Omega. Finally the hunters manage to defeat Omega by X sealing the Dark Elf inside himself then using it's power against Omega.
  12. In the end, it's revealed (to players only) that Lumine was posing as Dr. Weil in the final showdow (Lumine had used a copy of himself so it appeared like he was killed by the hunters). Lumine was the one who stole the mother elf and forced Weil to turn it into the dark elf. Lumine was the one who unleashed the super reploid (Omega) onto the Hunters. Lumine was also the one who dumped the real Dr. Weil and fled the scene, setting up Dr. Weil to take the fall for his actions.


Here are the various characters who played a part in the story.

Behind the Scenes

Attention Rookies 2 was created as the follow up to the successful Attention Rookies 1. It was released one year after Attention Rookies was released (February 13th 2007). The story took several months to craft. From picking the place in history to the characters that would appear.

There was a sizable gap between Attention Rookies and the sequel's plot (30 years to be exact). This was done intentionally to allow new characters to enter without having to know the old ones, but also allowing for the possibility that old ones could return. (Since reploid's life spans are much longer than humans, 30 years is not that long for them.) It would also allow for returning characters to have a chance to explore more backstory with that happened in the years after the original story… where they went, how they reacted and how they're reacting to the new series of events.