MMBN: NetBattle Academy - Characters

This is a list of all characters appearing in the RP.

Antagonists and NPCs will update as the RP goes on.

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Player Characters

  • Rui Shinichi: The NetOp of Zan.EXE, and the teacher of Netbattling Class O-F/E-F (depending on forum). None of the classes are actually in order of skill or anything, they were based on background checks and were constructed in order to give the largest sense of diversity. This is largely shown through the fact that Netbattling Classes are not restricted by year groups. Shinichi-sensei is a generally laid back kind of guy, he may not be explosive, but he sure has his moments. One thing people can note is his obsession for coats, which is why he wears one regardless of time of day or temperature. The only known exception is when he is at home. His foil is Zan.EXE who tends to remind him what he needs to do. Also laid back. Rui was chosen as teacher due to his ability to get along with others and his attempts at resolutions, his superior skill as a netbattler was only a bonus. That being said, he is possibly the most skilled netbattling teacher, with Ken Hadou coming rather close.

Class E-F




  • Patch: The NetOp of Megaman Jr. Patch takes after his father, in his playful laziness, however at the same time he takes after his mother, who is stubborn, although as a result he also has his stuff together, so unlike his father he does actually finish his homework. He's a talented netbattler taking after his dad, and got his PET as well as Megaman Jr. a bit earlier than other kids who get their PETs. As a result he is quite experienced for his age. He is currently aged 11. Patch wears the same bandana as his father did when he was younger. He looks much like his dad except for his dark pink hair.
  • Dust Haiiro: The NetOp of Axl.EXE, he's a rather outgoing kid who tries to see the bright side of things. This goes as far as that he ends up neglecting his homework… Regardless, Dust is a fun guy, and a rather skilled NetOp. He has short orange hair and has a scar on his cheek from when he was little. Dust is 12 years old.
  • Anna Logue: The NetOp of Alia.EXE, Anna is an intelligent girl and an honor student. She believes committing to studies is a very important aspect of life if you want to succeed. She intends to prove that at Netbattle Academy. As a result she gets bullied by some of the other girls, who don't like how she values studies so much. She has curly blond hair down to her shoulders and wears glasses. Anna is 11 years old.
  • Ren Gourei: The NetOp of Signas.EXE, Ren is as some people may call a meat-head, but an intelligent one… While he may not be the sharpest academic, he is a brilliant leader, often being the one commanding others during sports and leading teams to victory. He's a rather well-built young man with short brown hair. Ren is 14 years old.
  • Jack Evran: The NetOp of Zero.EXE, he is a genius customizer and netbattler. It is almost completely unknown where he got these skills from. His general attitude is serious-minded, as a result he takes things seriously. If he gets happy, he becomes seriously happy, and if he becomes depressed, he becomes seriously depressed, as a result he can be a bit bipolar. His hair is a dark gold, and doesn't seem to take after anyone in particular. Jack is 12 years old.
  • Mei: The NetOp of BambooPanda.EXE, aged only 10. She's a cheerful little girl who likes pandas. A lot. She's a talented programmer, and her trademark is a panda symbol with a scar over its left eye, similar to her Navi's appearance. She was selected for her talents as a programmer, and also because she was prone to hacking for fun… The teachers keep an eye out for her as a result. It can be difficult to deal with her as she is known to be rather sensitive. Mei has her black hair in two buns covered with cloth and simple ribbon. Her home country is Choina.
  • Windry: The NetOp of Yammark.EXE, Windry is a girl from Netopia, aged 15. She aspires to be a pilot, and is known for being a bit of a daredevil, see she once accidentally was at the controls of a plane, but managed to fly it properly and land it safely. Ever since then her parents have been absolutely proud of her. She was chosen for her ability to learn and adapt. Windry has long blond hair and is usually seen with a smile.


  • Ken Hadou: Otherwise known as Mr.Hadou, a Physical Education teacher hired for Netbattle Academy. He has a rather serious attitude, and talks about having guts and courage and willpower to get through even the toughest of tasks. His NetNavi is MagmaDragoon.EXE.
  • Mr. Yags: He has a clerk running the branch of Higsby's when he's teaching class, otherwise he tends to the store once school is out. He teaches math. His NetNavi is a portable Numberman model affectionately named Numberkid.


  • Mrs. Famous: The young daughter of Mr.Famous, just like her father she's raring to go and netbattling is in her blood. Just like her father she uses a range of Navis, this time around she's testing Agile.EXE.

Antagonist Side

To be filled when they actually appear.

  • Megaman Jr.EXE Megaman Jr. looks much like his senior counterpart, and has a similar personality to that of Patch. His coloring scheme is mainly blue, and has a kind of coat-like covering on his torso much like Roll. MegamanJr.EXE is capable of both healing himself and high speed high pressure fighting much like Megaman, whereas the healing comes from Roll. He and Patch have been together for a few years already.
  • Zero.EXE A high powered Navi that was originally born as a virus, but after some events became a full-fledged Navi, thanks to the Hikari family. Zero.EXE possesses red armor and long gold hair, as well as a deadly sword. Zero.EXE is known for being extremely fast and precise. Zero was originally a Navi without a NetOp, however after meeting Jack that changed. He felt that by having a NetOp, he can perhaps come to better understand the relationships between Navis and their operators.
  • Axl.EXE Fashioning twin busters is Axl.EXE, he's the mood maker of any party he's joined, keeping everyone in high spirits. Axl.EXE's twin pistols are incredibly fast, allowing him to pressure his opponents with ease. His defining trait is a certain programming created by Dust's father, the Mimic program, allowing Axl to copy one default weapon of any Navi at a time.
  • Alia.EXE Alia.EXE is a rather passive and serious Navi, she has a function that allows her to easily communicate over long distances, regardless of her position on the net. This function was made so that Anna could get information from her Navi's searches much faster than others. This is the secret as to why she finds out about things so quickly. This extends to communicating with other Navis regardless of their net position.
  • Signas.EXE A powerful buster Navi, Signas.EXE has no outstanding traits other than the power of his buster and defensive power. His speed is about average. Signas is capable of summoning mini soldiers much like Colonel.EXE.
  • BambooPanda.EXE A gigantic panda Navi with bamboo stacks on its oriental style backpack. It throws bamboo spears to attack, and is generally very durable. BambooPanda is very quiet and rarely speaks if at all. It will roar when angered, and whimper when sad or frightened. BambooPanda is like its NetOp, surprisingly sensitive.
  • Yammark.EXE: A fast flying Navi operated by Windry. Yammark is a rather jolly Navi much like her operator, and the two end up getting into gung-ho situations. Yammark.EXE boasts the ability to summon assistant dragonflies that can shoot weak attacks. Although when combined they really, really hurt. Yammark is possibly one of the faster Navis of this generation.
  • MagmaDragoon.EXE: A fire dragon styled Navi with very strong physical attributes. Is capable of expelling fire from its hands. MagmaDragoon is rather honor bound to his net op but also to his warrior spirit. A duel to the death to MagmaDragoon is a true thrill.
  • Agile.EXE: A quiet, and actually rather arrogant Navi who claims to uphold the Famous name, and slay all who oppose his mistress. He wields a curved blade, and can send blade beams at his enemies.