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There’ll often be requests posted up on the BBS. To take a request, declare it in your next post. Once taken you can finish the request whenever you wish, furthermore I will also send you a PM detailing how to do it… Well not quite detailing, but giving you hints. PM me back with what you think the solution is, and once you are correct you are free to post yourself finishing the request. At the start solutions are quite simple, since most are errands and fetch quests. You will also get a reward in Zennies and some student credits.

Student credits will affect your student ranking (which is different to your Netbattling rank). Only player and notable NPC ranks will be recorded (eg. NetOps of notable Navis such as Patch and Megaman.Jr).

One more thing to note is that there are two kinds of Requests. Job Requests and Personal Requests. Job Requests can be done repeatedly, they are also automatic so they're very easy to do. They only reward Zenny, so if you want money, take these jobs. Personal Requests take time to figure out, but more than often the reward will be great. Very rarely will the reward be money.

Story Mode

To initiate story related events, you often need to fulfill certain requests. Story related requests will be marked with an “S”. Please note that it is not always a good idea to do them all at once, as once the last story related quest is done, the next part of the RP’s storyline will roll in, interrupting anything you are doing.


Netbattles between players will be done in a separate thread. It requires the two participants, and a judge to oversee it and make sure no one’s pulling foul play. All netbattles are canon too, so all players can make note of who lost and who won.

Please note that BEFORE you start a Netbattle, make sure you and your opponent are online at the same time and are willing to put full attention to it until its over.