Below is everything you need to know about the system.

Your Navi and You


Your Synchro rate with your Navi will affect your Navi’s combat efficiency, but also doubles as your health. Here is a general graphing of the pros and cons.

  • 100%: In top form, once you hit 100%, your Full Synchro Battle Chip becomes available. Use it sparringly, but don’t wait too long, since you can only use it once. Taking a hit now will also send you straight back to 50%.
  • 75%-99%: Your Navi will land attacks more frequently. Synchro gain is cut to 0.5 after 75%. You will also take 1.5x more Synchro damage.
  • 50%-74%: This is normal. Your Navi and you start at 50% at the start of a battle. No bonuses or penalties come into play.
  • 25%-50%: This is still within normal range, but it may become difficult to land attacks, especially sword chips and attacks if your Navi is not equipped with a SwordAid Navi Custom Part, and the same goes for with guns if not equipped with a GunAid.
  • 10%-24%: Your Navi will now start taking more hits. Synchro gain is 1.5x. You will lose 50% less Synchro.
  • 1%-9%: Your Navi is now irritated. Dark Chips will start appearing in your Chip Folder. They are immensely powerful, but your Navi becomes at risk of permanent deletion if the Dark Chips are used frequently. Landing a hit without using Dark Chips will grant you a straight recovery to 50%, while Dark Chips will only give you up to 10%, but you can potentially end the battle instantly if you land a hit.

Gaining and Losing Synchro

Obviously, landing hits and taking hits will give you, and deduct Synchro respectively. All battle chips will have a Synchro value, here are some examples.

  • Sword [40]
  • Cannon [20]
  • Vulcan [5×3]
  • Minibomb [30]
  • Recovery1 [+20]

Your Synchro is dire, landing hits is extremely important, as you will gain Synchro equal to half the synchro damage you deal. In this, there is no such thing as grazing hits or a direct hit, none of that. You either hit or miss.

It is also helpful to note that if you have more than 75% Synchro, hits that would’ve sent you below 50% Synchro will only send you back to 50%. It’s the same vice versa, if you have less than 25%, any Synchro gain that would send you to over 50%, will instead take you up to just 50%. Recovery chips are also affected by the Synchro gain/bonuses of your Synchro rate.

Default Equipment

The default equipment of your Navi is their prime weapon outside of battlechips, which are only single-use. Unlike battlechips, your main weapon can be used infinitely, although you are limited to just one at a time. You start with two Equip Chips, and a default weapon that is in use when no Equip Chip is inserted.

Default weapons can be anything, the all-purpose and standard buster, a sword, shield, etc. It can be anything. Please note your Default Equipment should define your character, I also don’t want everyone with just Swords or Busters, but if you do, it should have an extra effect to it that makes it different. Starting Default Equipment damage is 10-30, depending. All ranged are generally 10, swords or melee are 30, and anything in-between is 20.

The Navi Customizer allows one to add programs and upgrades to their Navi, allowing one to increase the damage of their Default Equipment, and change the amount of Synchro they start with, as well as additional effects and minor equipment. Let us start with some examples of Navi Customizer pieces.

  • P UnderSht [2] (Allows one to survive with 1% Synchro if you were to take a fatal blow. Only once per battle)
  • Attack +1 [2] (Increase default weapon attack by one level)
  • Lock-On [5] (Turn your hit-rate to 100% once per battle)
  • Synch +10 [3] (Start with 10% additional Synchro at the start of battle)
  • Synch +25 [7] (Start with 25% additional Synchro at the start of battle)
  • P Shield [3] (You gain a shield. You can now deflect or block weak ranged attacks and take one quarter less damage from Swords)
  • P StepProg [10] (Turn all Sword chips into StepSwords. If you miss, you will be vulnerable. Does not turn default equipment into StepSword)

You can see the number next to it right? Yeah, those indicate how much of the Navi Customizer it takes up. At the start you only have 0/10 capacity, and your limit for Programs (the ones with the “P” at the beginning) is 2, so the Navi Status page looks like this.

Navi Name: Test.EXE Starting Synchro: 60% Default Equipment-

  • Stock Buster [10]
  • Shield Program [10]

Capacity Filled: 10/10


  • P UnderSht [2]
  • Attack +1 [2]
  • P Shield [3]
  • Synch +10 [3]

Inventory: P StepProg [10]

It’s really just simple math when making you Navi Customizer pieces, if you have ideas for new ones run them by me. However, please note that if they get approved, they WILL appear in the shop for everyone to use, so don’t think of it as a unique thing that only you can use.

The Navi Customizer is rather simple. Navi Customizer parts have a capacity that they take up, and your Customizer page only has a limited amount of capacity it can take. It’s up to you to try and take up as much capacity as possible while maintaining the limit. It can be customized beyond the limit but at that point your Navi will experience bugs, and strange things will happen during battle.

The other thing to note is that some Navi Customizer Parts (NCP for short) are Programs, in which you can only install two of. Here is the maximum capacity you can get for your Navi Customizer. Additional capacity can be bought in stores, or earned from doing certain requests.

  • 0/25 Capacity
  • 4 Programs Max

If there are any additional questions feel free to ask. Below is a list of ALL Navi Customizer parts. Ever. Please note that there are a huge variety of programs, meaning making your Navi unique isn’t all that difficult. Also take note that you WILL end up using multiples of the Regular Pieces, so there isn’t all that much variation.

UnderSht [2]Survive with 1% Synchro on fatal blow
Shield [3]One quarter less damage taken from swords, and deflect weak ranged attacks
StepProg [10]Turn all sword chips into StepSwords. Vulnerable if you miss
SuperArmor [4]Prevents flinching
FloatShoes [3]Become unaffected by the field’s changes except holes
AirShoes [3]Walk over destroyed areas
Humor [1]Your Navi now tells bad jokes. Have fun
DrkSoul [10]Dark Chips appear if Synchro is below 25% rather than the lower 10%
BreakGuard [9]Default Equipment attacks can break through defenses
FolderPlus [10]Choose up to 4 chips instead of 3 per post, and hold 5 extra chips in your folder
LockOn [5]Turn your hit rate to 100% once per battle
DoubleHeat[7]Use your 100% Synchro Chip twice in a single battle
FstBarrier[6]Start battle with a barrier. Absorbs up to 20 damage
FstAura[9]Start battle with an aura. Absorbs all damage below 20
Synch +10 [3]Starting Synchro rate is increased by 10%
Synch +25 [8]Starting Synchro rate is increased by 25%
Synch +50 [15]Having this would virtually mean 100% Synch at the start
Attack +1 [2]Increase Default Equipment attack damage by 10. Maximum is 40+
Attack +2 [3]Increases Default Equipment attack damage by 20. Maximum is 40+

Weaknesses and Elements

Here is the general weakness triangle…

Lightning > Water > Fire > Wood > Lightning

It’s obvious that you take double damage from your own weakness, so bear that in mind when you make a Navi with an element. On the other hand, here is a list of bonuses you get if you have a Navi with an element.

  • +10 damage with same Element chips
  • Default Equipment attacks deal damage in your element.

As well as the obvious bonus, you’re at a huge advantage if you’re fighting someone whose element you’re strong against. Of course, moving on… To cover this, there are Cross Fusions, but that’s for another time. Also, here’s a list of elements that do not have weaknesses or strengths.

  • Heal (eg. Recovery chips)
  • Cursor (eg. LockCannon, Machinegun) These have much better rates of hitting enemies, but are often weaker.
  • Obstacle (eg. RockCube) These can create artificial shields and things for certain strategies, or in some instances… Well, a time bomb.
  • Wind (eg. Fan, Wind) These often blow enemies to the back area, or pull them towards you.
  • Breaking (eg. AirHockey) These ones are best against Obstacles, since they are capable of outright destroying them.
  • Sword (eg. Sword, Widesword) Just a label for these chips. They are also extra effective against certain enemies.
  • Plus (eg. Attack+10)
  • Barrier/Aura - These are limited to one per Folder.
  • Invisible - These are limited to one per Folder.
  • Cracking (often accompanies other chips as a second effect)

Here is also a list of element specific bonuses. Elec: Cannot be stunned Wood: Heal over time on grass panels Fire: Lava panels do not affect you Water: Do not slip on ice panels

Battle Folder

Equip Chips

Possibly the first kind of battle chips you should know about. At the start and at the end, you should have 2 of these. What these do is change your Navi’s default equipment. You can go for a varied approach, or have a concentration on one kind of weapon. To put it more simply, it’s a standard battle chip that can be used over and over again. So here’s a few examples of some sets.

Buster Set

  • Shotgun
  • Crossgun

Sword Set

  • Widesword
  • Longsword

So, since you can use a Widesword and Longsword this way, what use is there to get the actual chips or even have regular Sword as a default equipment? It’s actually a matter of speed, the regular Sword is easier to use and has a better propensity to strike the opponent, making it ideal for single target exchanges. Longsword and Widesword should be left to different situations, Longsword for enemies further away or Widesword for larger waves of enemies. The same thing with Shotgun and Crossgun.

To be clearer, technically you have 3 Default Equipment in this. Your Navi’s pre-programmed default equipment such as Megaman’s Megabuster, and the Equip Chips which allow you to get additional utility. Please note that you cannot use two pieces of equipment simultaneously.

Battle Chips

Battle Chips are stronger, one-use chips. Collecting a combo can allow a Program Advance. During each Post, you can have a combination of any 3 chips to use in the post. Your chip folder is limited to 15 chips, and 3 of the same chip, so you can’t have more than 3 Sword chips for instance. You will never run out of chips, however you must use all 15 chips at least once, before you use them again in extended battles. You can choose any of your 15 chips during battle, but only 3 at a time.

Below are repeated examples. There really isn’t much else to take note of, except that they are hit or miss, and are single use. Your ‘accuracy’ is defined in how you use them, their general speed, and range. In short, don’t be limited to just “shooting Cannon”, you can probably pull of stunts such as throwing a BigBomb chip, and then using your Buster to detonate it with a well placed shot.

  • Sword [40]
  • Cannon [20]
  • Vulcan [5×3]
  • Minibomb [30]
  • Recovery1 [+20]

There is not much else to say here… For those curious, I’ve decided to remove Mega Chips and Giga Chips entirely, since they were all “Navi Summon” chips. At least most of them were.

Full Synchro Chips

These are battle chips that become available only during 100% Synchro. Battles can be ended immediately if you execute your Full Synchro chip right. In fact, battles between the most skilled are a rush to 100% while preventing the other from reaching it. It is no joke that you can win a battle instantly if you land your Full Synchro Chip attack, but to make up for this, it is often rather difficult to pull off, since it projects itself so obviously all the time.

Do not be afraid to use it though, if you are hit during 100% Synchro, you will be immediately thrown to 50% Synchro.

Battlechip Library


Cross System

Cross System allows one to use the powers of another Navi, so long as their programs are compatible. This usually means understanding of one another’s emotions and ideals. Cross Fusion does not require any kind of sacrifice, and can be invoked whenever the player wishes. However, Cross Fusion only lasts for three posts, or if the user was hit by its weak element. For instance a cross fusion with a fire Navi can be ended immediately if hit by a water attack of any kind. Here are the implications of Cross Fusion.

  • Default Equipment Change: You may have started with maybe a Buster or Sword, but during Cross Fusion this changes, you can get an entirely new weapon, like maybe a drill or flamethrower depending on the Cross Fusion.
  • Element Change: Not for all Cross Fusions, but Element Cross Fusions mainly, while they can be ended immediately as you inherit their weaknesses, having access to a certain element can really help against enemies that are weak to that element.
  • All Element Change Bonuses: For instance the +10 attack to chips of the same element.

That’s it for Cross System. The amount of Cross you can have is virtually unlimited, so make lots of friends for you and your Navi, and harness the power of friendship.

Program Advance

A Program Advance is when a logically sequenced order of chips are inserted, causing a phenomenon where they combine and become one monstrously powerful attack. Most commonly known PA is the Life Sword, which is Sword, Widesword and Longsword. In this RP, there’ll be some new Program Advances, as well as some old ones staying such as the aforementioned Life Sword. Since the RP will be scrapping alphabetical codes, here is an example of how it will be handled. Otherwise, nothing else needs to be said.

  • Cannon + Vulcan + MrkCannon = Homing Cannon
  • FlameCross + FlameLine + FireBurner = Inferno
  • Icicle + IceWave + IceLine = Niflheim

Dark Power

It will be optional for you during the beginning to come into contact with Dark Chips, in fact you can come into contact with them at any time. They hold immense power, allowing you to end battles almost instantly. They only become accessible when your Synchro rate is 10% or less. There is a drawback however… First of all with each use, your starting Synchro rate goes down by 1%, they also say that the more you use it, the stronger your Navi’s Shadow becomes, which takes form in Murkland immediately after the first use. One way or another, your Navi’s soul becomes in danger when you use it. When at 10% or lower Synchro, they will appear as the 6th battle chip in your choices, which is usually just limited to 5. The Dark Chip that appears will be dependant on what a majority of your folder is. For instance a folder of mainly Sword chips will crop up a DarkSword, and one of mostly cannons will be DarkCannon, and so on.