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Battlechip Damage Effect
Cannon [20] Slight delay, basic ranged.
Vulcan [5×3] Hit enemy three times quickly.
Spreader [15] Hit surrounding areas
TankCannon [30] Regular cannon. Can destroy entire back area.
GunDelSol [35] Strike enemy with sunlight
Yoyo [30] Throw out a yo-yo attack
GutsPunch [40] Punch in melee range
AssassinSword[20×3]Strike three times melee
Crakshot [30] Throw part of the field at enemy
Reflect [20] Reflect attacks
WaveArm [25] Fire a shockwave
SandWorm [20] Summon worm on enemy side for one attack
Snake [30] Snake appears from empty or broken panels
AreaGrab N/A Steal part of enemy area
Geddon N/A Break entire enemy side
Barrier N/A Absorb up to 40 damage
Invis N/A 1 Post of invincibility
Aura N/A Absorb all attacks under 30 damage
Attack+ N/A Add 10 damage to next attack
Sonar [20]Shoot out supersonic wave that echoes on contact
MiniBomb [40]Throw bomb at enemy
BigBomb [40]Throw bomb with large explosion at enemy
EnergyBomb [50]Throw bomb with wide explosion radius at enemy
AntiRecover N/APrevent enemy from recovering for 2 posts
AntiDamage N/AAvoid damage once
AntiNavi N/AParalyze enemy Navi for just a moment
Battlechip Damage Effect
FireBurner [30]Forward flamethrower. Destroys affected panels
FireHit [40]Summon fire fists to strike closest enemy
FlameLine [30]Wide effect fire tower
FlameCross [30]Summon a cross of fire on enemy side
LavaPanelN/ATurn entire field into lava
FireSword [40]Widesword range Fire Sword
BurnSquare [35]Summon a square area of flame on enemy side
HeatDragon [50]Summon fire dragon to fly through enemy side once
HeatPunch [40]Melee fire punch
Battlechip Damage Effect
WideShot [35]Wide area shot
TrnArrow [10×3]Triple arrow shot
BubbleStar [20]Slow-moving bubble that traps enemies
Bubbler [20]Spreading bubble shot
Icicle [30]Rain icicles on enemy side
IceWave [40]Throw a straight wave of ice. Turns affected panels to ice
IceLine [35]Summon wide area icicles from under panels
IcePanelN/ATurn all panels to ice
AquaSword [40]Widesword range Aqua Sword
AquaDragon [50]Summon Aqua Dragon to fly through enemy area once
AquaPunch [40]Melee aqua punch
Battlechip Damage Effect
ElecBall[20]Slow moving ball of thunder that follows enemy
ElecLine [30]Throw a straight bolt of lightning
ChainElec [20]Straight bolt of lightning that hits all nearby enemies
Magnet [60]Pull enemy toward you, must be in a straight point view
DolThunder [50]Straight piercing line of lightning. Has startup delay
ElecPulse [30]Wide wave of lightning
ElecSword [40]Widesword range elec sword
ElecDragon [50]Summon elec dragon to fly through enemy side
ElecPunch [40]Melee elec punch
Sensor [50]Lock onto enemies straight ahead and shoot, lock-on delay
Battlechip Damage Effect
CornShot [20]Throw corn at the enemy. Affected areas turn to grass
WoodTower [40]Slow-advancing towers of wood from below
RiskyHoney [5×6]Summon bees
RollingLog [30]Summon a log to roll at enemy
BambooLance [40]Summon deadly bamboo lances behind the enemy
WoodSword [40]Widesword range wood sword
Boomer [20]Potentially hits twice. Throw out boomerang
GrassPanelN/ATurn field into grass
WoodDragon [50]Summon wooden dragon to fly through enemy side
WoodPunch [40]Melee range wood punch
Battlechip Damage Effect
Sword[40]Fast low range slash
Widesword[40]Wide-range slash takes out multiple enemies
Longsword[40]Long range slash can hit enemies further away
Wideblade[60]Stronger version of Widesword
Longblade[60]Stronger version of Longsword
FighterSword[50]Long range sword, even higher than Longsword
StepSword[50]Teleport forward and widesword. Vulnerable if miss
StepCross[50]Teleport forward and cover a cross in front. Vulnerable if miss
VarSword[????]Widesword, Longsword, Fightersword or Beamsword
MoonBlade[30]Slash area all around self
Katana[20×2]Strike twice. Widesword then Longsword
Muramasa[80]Extremely powerful low range slash
AntiSword[???x2]Block enemy sword strike and return it double
Battlechip Damage Effect
Recovery1[+10]Recover 10% Synchro
Recovery2[+25]Recover 25% Synchro
Recovery3[+50]Recover 50% Synchro
Recovery4[+100]Recover Synchro to full. Only 1 allowed per folder
Battlechip Damage Effect
IronShell[40]Throw a rolling ball of destruction
DrillArm[30]Drill on your arm
AuraHead[30]Shoot some really strong heads
AirHock[30]Summon bouncing hockey puck
GolemHit[30]Summon golem that hits and destroys an area
JusticeOne[50]Orbital fist strike
BronzePunch[20]Punch enemy once
SilverPunch[20×2]Punch enemy two times
GoldPunch[20×3]Punch enemy three times
Battlechip Damage Effect
LilBoiler[30]Lasts 3 turns, total potential 90 damage
RockCubeN/ALasts indefinitely
TimeBomb[60]Detonates on it's second turn on the field. Cannot be dodged
Mine[60]Set random mine on enemy side
Guardian[70]Detonates when hit. Lasts for until after it's second turn
Battlechip Damage Effect
LockCannon[30]Lock on and shoot. Slower than MrkCannon
MachineGun[10×3]Lock on and shoot. Hit multiple times
MrkCannon[20]Lock on and shoot. Higher chance of hitting
LifeSyncN/AMake all enemies HP the same as targetted
CopyDamageN/ATransfer damage over to another enemy
CircGun[20]Select area to fire upon
Magnum[40]Select area to destroy
Battlechip Damage Effect
WindN/ASummon Fan push enemies away
FanN/ASummon Fan pull enemies towards
AirShot [10]Weak and fast. Pushes enemies back and stuns momentarily
Tornado [5×8]Hits enemy 8 times
Twister [5×6]Hits enemy 6 times
Static [10]Summon slight whirlwind at target location
WindRackN/ABlow all enemies back
WindSword[50]Widesword that blows enemies back
AirSpin [30]Throw out a spinner that strikes all enemies around it once