Here is a list of many of the important locations.

Netbattle Academy - Facilities

The school contains the following facilities besides classrooms, faculty rooms and the administration office. As a quick note, it is a given that every desk in the school doubles as a computer, so technically every classroom is also a computer lab.

  • Swimming Pool: There is a large indoor swimming pool near the playing fields. There is also a washroom and change room here.
  • Tennis Courts: Next to the swimming pool is a set of tennis courts.
  • Playing Fields: There are three fields, a regular playing field for soccer or football, a smaller one for baseball, and the track field.
  • Hall: A large hall for large student gatherings. This is where the opening and ending ceremonies are held.
  • Netbattle Area: A small hall that has a dozen Netbattling consoles to jack into and fight. They have displays that show the netbattle itself. All Netbattle consoles are visually connected to the “Academy” area, so you can run your Navi to this area to spectate with easy.
  • Annexed Network: In every classroom there is a place to jack into that leads to a new part of the Net called the “Academy” area.
  • Science Labs: Labs for people to do science, whether it be net related or you’re just testing out chemicals in a controlled environment. Like all other rooms and areas, annexed to the Academy area of the net.
  • Storage Room: This storage room contains a few spare copybots, including a set of Military Copybots for teachers to use in dire circumstances.
  • Dormitories: There are dormitories just around five minutes off of the school campus. It’s split into two halves, the boys dorm and the girls dorm, as well as a supplementary dorm for special students.
  • Aster and Higsby’s: There are two chip shops open in the area, Aster and Higsby’s, both have become gigantic chip selling branches, and are currently run by rather competitive shop owners. They will sell different kinds of chips, so be sure to check both of them.


When writing your characters, might want to note that you can come from any part of the world.


Real Life Model: Japan Electopia is where most of the series takes place, esteemed as the most advanced country in the world, and rich in oriental culture.


Real Life Model: USA and European Countries Netopia is a largely western based country. It is the primary base of the Official Netbattlers.


Real Life Model: India Yumland is known best for its food and largely natural scenery, making it a popular tourist spot.


Real Life Model: Russia A frigid and rather harsh country to the far north. Has a rather impressive military record, and is known for being strict. This was the home country of Raika.


Real Life Model: China A country rather close to Electopia, it has similar culture but rather differing levels of technology. This was the home country of Jasmine.


Real Life Model: N/A A monarchy currently under the rule of Princess Pride. It is covered in snow for most of the year round, and its architecture is largely medieval, giving it a unique feel.


Real Life Model: Africa Netfrica is home to a large diversity of wildlife. Although they are still largely primitive, most people live in houses of mud and straw.

Nation Z

Real Life Model: N/A A totalitarian state, it harbors some of the most advanced in military technology. As a result of it's martial regime, it is not exactly the most popular place to visit. This was the home country of Dr. Regal.


Real Life Model: Seems to be a play on “Metropolis” A play on “Metropolis”, this is a country known for having numerous high rise buildings, and a rather dark, rainy day. Otherwise it's a rather modern city and has some rather nice facilities. This was the home country of Tora.

Net and Physical Locations

Net Locations

Academy Area

The new part of the net that was created for the Academy. It is populated my teachers and students, and messages and information for classes and such are relayed through here. As such you can actually try and get the answer sheets for tests before the tests themselves through here… Teacher Navis are guarding this place around the clock though, even while they sleep. Usually its the Netbattle instructor's Navi that guards it, so expect a very hard fight.

Green Area

The Net Area for Green Town. It's full of trees, and a rather neat place to go to from time to time. Like in Green Town, be on your best behavior here too.

Seaside Area

The Net Area for the seaside, which is known for its aquarium. It has a rather light yellow theme with blue backgrounds to represent the sea. It is also filled with arrow panels, so people sliding all over the place is not a rare thing to see.

Sky Area

The Net Area for the Sky Town. This place is known for Mr.Weather, who is now accompanied by a Mrs.Weather since the guys thought he looked a bit lonely. This area is spacious and has many ramps going up and down.

Den Area

The Net Area of Den City. This is a popular place to go shopping, either physically or over the net. Due to traffic, roads here are much bigger than usual, and can be very easy to get lost in.

Physical Locations

Netbattle Academy

Your school. It's situated just outside the business district of Cyber City.

Cyber Academy

The public school of Cyber City. A rather well to do school. By technology standards, Netbattle Academy and Cyber Academy are tied, as both are state of the art. The only difference is that Netbattle Academy has its very own Net area.

Green Town

Home to the famous Judge Tree, Green Town is a center of both nature and justice, making this a popular place to go to if you're into that kind of thing. It is home to also many lawyers both distinguished and upcoming. Due to the town's nature as a town of justice, laws are enforced very strictly here, so be on your best behavior when visiting.


Home to a popular holiday outing, the aquarium. This place also controls all of Cyber City's water, making it an important aspect of life in Cyber City.

Sky Town

A town in the sky, several thousand feet high up and accessed through a high speed elevator. Also home to Mr and Mrs Weather, who both predict the day's weather. Since this place controls all weather, the predictions are accurate.


One of the major cities of Electopia, DenCity is home to the most advanced electronics in the world, and most of which are on for sale. Many events are announced her, or held here. DenCity has a huge amount of traffic just simply by the hour.