Below is the list of stock in all the shops. This will update itself over time and better chips and upgrades become available.


“Welcome to Higsby's, where we can find chips you didn't even know existed. Our main store is located in Dencity and known as Higsby's Chip Emporium, feel free to visit when you can”

Regular Stock

  • AirShot [500z]
  • Cannon [500z]
  • Vulcan [600z]
  • Spreader [600z]
  • GutsPunch [700z]
  • Reflect [300z]
  • Attack +10 [400z]
  • Sword [800z]
  • Twister [700z]
  • Wind [500z]
  • AirHock [700z]
  • DrillArm [800z]

Rare Stock

  • AntiRecover [9,500z]
  • HeatDragon [10,000z]
  • AquaDragon [10,000z]
  • WoodDragon [10,000z]
  • ElecDragon [10,000z]
  • VarSword [12,000z]


“Welcome to Aster's, we sell the chips and programs you need to improve your skills as a Netbattler. We have chain stores all over the country, so if there's something you want in one store, we can have it sent here for you”

Regular Stock

  • FireBurner [500z]
  • FlameLine [500z]
  • Icicle [500z]
  • WideShot [600z]
  • ChainElec [700z]
  • ElecBall [500z]
  • RollingLog [600z]
  • CornShot [500z]
  • BronzePunch [800z]

Programs Stock

  • +5 Navi Cust [7000z] (adds 5 additional slots to Navi Cust. Can only be bought once.)
  • +1 Prog [5000z] (adds an additional Program space to Navi Cust. Can only be bought once.)
  • Attack +1 [3000z]
  • Synchro +10 [2500z]
  • UnderSht [4000z]