Chaos Advent

Chaos Advent takes place 55 years before Attention Rookies.


  1. Chapter 1 - Training Day (Training)
  2. Chapter 2 - Prison Break (Intro Mission)
  3. Chapter 3 - Through the soil he did crawl (Quake Earthworm )
  4. Chapter 4 - Heavy Metal Mayhem ( Technetium Terrier )
  5. Chapter 5 - High flying fun ( Soar Squirrel )
  6. Chapter 6 - Lines in the snow ( Arctic Aardvark )
  7. Chapter 7 - Flying carpets? No… Land chasers ( Shock Scorpion )
  8. Chapter 8 - Not-so-Paradise Island ( Tidal Tortoise )
  9. Chapter 9 - Catastrophe ( Nuclear Nightingale )

Short version of the plot

Short version of the plot

Short version of the plot

  1. Team 66 meets for the first time in the training room. Unfortunately, the training program goes haywire and they end up fighting a holographic copy of Zero. Thus marks the beginning of the quest to discover who the saboteur is.
  2. Team 66 is called in to stop mavericks from escaping from a maverick containment and research facility. X accompanies but is injured by Dynamo. They manage to stop all the mavericks though.
  3. Team 66 investigates strange disturbances underneath a warehouse. Turns out to be a tunnel that leads to a bank. They successfully stop the robbery and kill Quake Earthworm.
  4. Team 66 discovers a maverick HQ in the city, so they investigate. They end up teleported to a castle in Scotland guarded by Technetium Terrier. They destroy the castle's defenses and allow the hunters to break through to capture the castle. Technetium Terrier is killed in the fight.
  5. Team 66 attempts to stop an assault on Giga City while it is under construction. The assault succeeds thanks in part to espionage and the Rookies ignoring mission objectives. Soar Squirrel is killed in the battle though.
  6. Team 66 lands in the arctic circle, after breaking through heavy resistance they infiltrate the maverick training facility and kill Arctic Aardvark.
  7. Team 66 heads to Afghanistan when Shock Scorpion (a maverick with the ability to infect others) is discovered. They pursue the maverick on landchasers then managed to kill Shock Scorpion outside Kabul.
  8. Team 66 heads to a small island to search for known maverick Tidal Tortoise. They instead discover one of the maverick's mechaniloid manufacturing facilities. Tidal Tortoise intervenes but the hunters are able to stop him.
  9. Team 66 attempts to stop Nuclear Nightingale from capturing radioactive isotypes. However they're too late. The mission fails when a nuclear blast detonates and kills 8 million people/reploids.
  10. Helios Space weapon is launched by Signas to aid Hunters.
  11. Sigma is revealed to have been brought back to Earth for study. (His body is eventually sealed then buried in a scrapyard.)



Behind the Scenes

This series was designed to bridge the gap from X8 to Attention Rookies.